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lighting and light design


This course proposes a deepening in the projection of light and lighting equipment, based on an integration of different professional knowledge such as architecture, design and engeneering.

It aims to give a proper answer to the current technological and cultural needs of lighting.

We recommend it to all professionals of architecture and lighting, engineering, design, leaders of public work and who works with conservation and projects related to heritage.

It will not only enrich Light Design knowledges previously acquired but will also expand the global vision about the importance of a good project on appreciation of buildings and the city.


·         Light Design

·         Led, lamps, technologies for light control and Smart City

·         Visits to historical monuments, public buildings and big metropolitan areas to illustrate the concept of urban lighting

·         Workshop

·         Analisys and final presentation of activites carried out during the workshop.

·         Light show: rebuilding of ‘Foro de César’ throught images projected at archeological ruins.



Computer with CAD and 3D, pendrive and tablet.