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Past, present and future


With the objective of studying the tendencies of Architecture, we dive into the cradle of architecture – Rome – analyzing what was created in the past, what are the present and future tendencies.

The course offers a wide view of lessons on subjects of particular interest to brazilian architecture students and teachers. 

It will cover subjects of historical buildings restoration as well as sites of archeological interest and restoration of contemporary buildings highly present on Brazilian architecture.

It also offers visits to buildings projected by architects such as Richard Meyer and Zana Hadid and contact with italian companies that manufacture high technology materials used on civil construction.

The visits to restoration sites, archeological sites and museums will be organized in colaboration with Sopraintendenza ai beni culturali di Roma , del Lazio e del Vaticano, and Sovrintendenza ai beni culturali di Roma Capitale.

Covering the following topics:

1 – The historical past of Roman Architecture;

2 – Modern Rome and the Contemporary Architecture;

3 – Future Tendencies of Design and Architecture;

With a seven intensive days plan getting to know ancient Rome, the projects of present Rome and plans for the Future. It will be a combination of practice and theory, where students will be able to live all the content given in. 


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