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The course aims to provide base knowledge for the usage of new digital technologies used on architectonic and archeological measurements.


Made for students and graduates on architecture, archeology and engineering. It has a duration of 20 hours on laboratory and didatics.

We expect theorical lessons of integrated measuring, 3D (Image Based Modeling), photogrammetry, restitution of photo-realistic digital models on which the theorical and methodological knowledge will be presented throught study cases already developed by the teachers.

During the practical part the students will be divided into groups of 3-4 people and each group will have a direct experience of: digital capitation, representation and 3D modeling of archeological remains and architecture located inside the archeological field “Fori Imperiali” on central Rome.

Each participant should have his own portable computer (Windows 7/8 or Mac with Windows partition), it will be provided free copies of the used software for everyone. As an alternative it will be possible to use a desktop at the university lab.